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The Recreational Area

The Jayno Heights Landowners Association Recreation Area is located on St. Jude Drive at Francesca on Outlot "F" and is for the use of Association members and their guests. In order to provide an attractive and clean recreation area, the following rules have been adopted by the Board of Directors.

I. HOURS: The established hours for use of the area are: Sunday thru Thursday, 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday, 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Permission for extension of these hours may be obtained for special events from the Association Board. All requests shall be made to the President.

II. GUESTS: Association members are encouraged to use the recreational area with their guests. A member of the association must be present at all times when guests are using the recreational area.

III. NUMBER OF GUESTS: The number of guests is unlimited. However, if the use of three or more picnic tables is required, advance notification of the planned event should be made to the Recreational Chairman or President of the Association.

IV. NON-MEMBERS: The use of the recreation area by nonmembers is prohibited and is trespassing on private property. All members as owners have the rights and the duty to challenge unknown trespassers and report violations to the Board of Directors.

V. EQUIPMENT: All recreational area equipment, including swings, tables, cooking grills, tennis courts and diving platforms are to be used with care. All members, families of members and their invitees use all equipment and facilities at their own risk. No equipment is to be removed from the area for personal use without permission of the Board of Directors.

All trash is to be put into the containers provided or taken with you when leaving the area. Littering of the picnic grounds, parking lot, beach or swimming area is prohibited.

Erection of temporary or permanent huts, shacks, tree houses and fish shanties in the area is prohibited.

VI. SWIMMING: Minors who are not swimmers are not allowed into the water unless under the direct supervision of a responsible individual acceptable to the parent of the non-swimmer.

All qualified swimmers will observe the "Buddy System" and are strongly urged not to over extend their capabilities.

VII. DOGS: Dogs and other pets are prohibited in the beach & picnic areas. Violations will be reported to the Waterford Police Department.

VIII. BOAT LAUNCHING RAMP: The boat launching ramp is for the use of all association members during recreational area hours. No fees are charged for the use of the ramp.

IX. BOAT DOCK: The use of the boat dockage facilities is limited to the association members who have paid their dockage fees.

The boat dockage facilities shall be financed and maintained from fees collected from association members who have been assigned a boat dock space by the Boat Dock Chairman. The fees collected will be used for installation, removal, replacement, additions to, or repair of the dockage facilities. All records of transactions pertaining to boat dockage facilities shall be maintained by the Treasurer.

Temporary (less than one day) beaching of boats is allowed without paying boat dock fees. Permanent beaching of small boats is allowed only after paying the boat beaching fee. Boat trailers may be stored in assigned location by Association members. The boat docks are for the boaters. All other uses are prohibited.

X. PARKING: The parking lot is for the use of association members and their guests, during recreation area hours. The driving of cars on grassy areas is prohibited. Parking opposite the boat ramp is prohibited since it impairs the use of the ramp.

XI. DAMAGE: Destruction or damaging of equipment or property is prohibited. Those causing accidental or intentional damage will be expected to replace or repair any damaged property.


Dock space rental per season: Boat with hoist - $155; Deep - $125 .00; Shallow - $90 .00; Shore - $10 .00

•Boat Trailer Parking & Boat Storage per Season: Boat Trailer, Summer (May-Sept .) $15 .00: Boat on trailer . Winter (Oct .-April) $30 .00

• Boat Ramp Use - No Charge .

• Annual Association Maintenance Fee & Assessments must be paid in addition to above fees.  The boat dock Chairman will only install enough dock sections to accommodate slips requested and paid for in full by April 30th .

• Boat Dock & Boat Trailer Space Assignments:

     1 . Boat dock & trailer space remains the property of the Association and is not transferable . 

     2 . Boat dock space assignments will be made by the boat dock Chairman .

     3 . Trailer space to be assigned on first come basis .

     4 . The number of summer trailer and winter boat storage spaces will be determined by the recreation area Chairman .

Approximate spaces: Summer Trailer – 34    

Winter Boat - 26

     5 . Requests for boat and trailer storage space must be made each year with the payment of  subdivision maintenance fees .

The fee schedule will be included with dues notice .

A separate check must be included with each storage space requested .

If the number of requests exceeds the numbers of spaces available a lottery will be held .

Complete details are published in the March 25, 1998 Semi-Annual Meeting minutes and the May 1998 newsletter .

     6 . Boat Hoists require a 10 Ft . dock space . Boat & Trailer storage rules apply to hoists .

• Boat Dock Rules:

1 . No mooring lines are to be attached to the dock .

2 . No bikes are allowed on the dock .

3 . No swimming is allowed in the dock area .

4 . All mooring poles are to be removed by October 1st .

5 . The dock is intended for use of boaters and guests only .

Boat Trailer Storage Rules:

1. All trailers are to be identified by the owner's lot number painted in 2" numerals near the hitch. Boat registration number, and trailer license number must be provided with rental payment.

2 Only one boat trailer parking space per association member.

3. Boats in storage area must be 4 ft. from existing buildings.

4. All portable fuel tanks are to be removed from boats.

5. All covers and tarps are to be securely tied down.

Outlot "F"
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