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Proper Confinement and Supervision of Cats & Dogs 🐈

This is a reminder regarding the Waterford Township ordinance related to supervision of pets. Specifically, “The owner of a cat shall be responsible for reasonable control of the cat at all times.”


Sec. 3-013. (a) Confinement and reasonable control of dogs and cats; Civil Infraction. The owner of a dog shall keep it confined upon the owner’s premises at all times except when the dog is otherwise under reasonable control or is on other private property with the express permission of the owner or occupant of that private property. (b) (c)   (d)     The owner of a cat shall be responsible for reasonable control of the cat at all times. No owner of a dog shall cause or allow such dog to defecate on public property, including a street, sidewalk, path,  play area, park, or any place where people congregate or walk,  or upon any private property without permission of the owner of such property unless: (1) (2) The owner immediately removes all fecal material droppings deposited by such dog  by any sanitary method.  The person shall possess a container of sufficient size to collect and remove above-mentioned droppings and exhibit the container, if requested by any official empowered to enforce this Article. The droppings removed  shall be disposed of  in a sanitary method on the zoning lot of the    owner. Violation of this Section is a civil infraction punishable as provided in Section 1-010(b).

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