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Meet Our Parade Grand Marshall! 🇺🇸

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

This year’s Grand Marshall is longtime Jayno Heights resident, Ed Murmurian. Ed moved into the Jayno Heights sub in 1963, in the home that was on 3124 Francesca (the home on that lot burned down a few years ago). He said that home was built in the 1950’s, and they paid $18,000 for it at that time.

In 1969 they had the home at 3048 Tina Marie built. He currently resides in that home. He said the builder was Windburger, and homes built by them were identified by a large picture window in the living room.

Ed raised a son and daughter, who attended Jayno Adams Elementary, Mason Middle School and Mott High School. His daughter then graduated from Michigan State and his son graduated from Wayne State University, also Ed’s Alma Mater.

He moved to JHLA because his in-laws lived here. His in-laws lived in the 4th house built in the sub, on Schoolhouse Lake.

He worked for a shoe company in Pontiac for 30 years, L.G. Haig. After he retired from there he worked for 25 years for luxury cruise lines. He was a dance host. He was a dance partner to the single ladies on the cruise. He visited 135 countries (all free). He also met some famous people: Debbie Reynolds, Don Shula, Patricia Neil and Ann Blyth.

Ed says his favorite things about living here have been the beach, the safety,

and the neighbors.

Ed sits on his porch most days. He waves as he sees people walk by. Stop by and say Hi if you see him out. He has lots of stories to tell.

Ed is 94 years old and a Marine Veteran. He will be riding in a 1967 Green Mustang Convertible in Monday morning’s parade. I hope everyone will give him a warm welcome as he goes by.

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