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🌸 May Reminders & Events 🌸

May 1 to May 10

* Please move your boat or trailer from beach lot so that spring cleaning can be done.

May 4th & 5th

*Flower Day at Wojo’s benefitting Loon Lake Community Fireworks

May 10  - Friday

* Food truck @ Beach Lot : Grand Traverse Pie Company Food Truck  ( updated on May 1)

*Meet and Greet your neighbors night

May 11- Saturday, 9am

* Jayno Lot clean up:  please  join others  to help clean up our beach lot;  Please bring your own rakes

May 17-

* can return your boats/ trailers to beach lot

May 18 - 10am

* Beach Lot Master Plan Meeting @ Lake Oakland Association

* We will have opportunity how Lake Oakland developed their beach lot, which may serve as guidance for our own Jayno Lot endeavor

May 24-

* Food Truck @ Beach Lot:  Dos Locos Burritos

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