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JHLA Semi-Annual Meeting - Sept 23rd, 2020

Sept 2020 semi-annual meeting will be Wednesday September 23rd at 6 pm in the tennis court.  If raining Sept 23 at 5 pm, meeting will be postponed to Thursday September 24 at 6 pm.  Residents need to bring chairs.  Secretary has a microphone app and speaker.

This semi-annual meeting will have a vote to elect the JHLA Board.  Additionally, because we were forced to cancel the March 2020 semi-annual meeting, we will be voting on the budget. 

Following is the proposed nominations approved by the board for Oct 1st, 2020 thru Sept 30th, 2021:

President: Tim Skiver                   Trustee Yr1 of 2: Amy McNeil VP1: Vickie Klein                          Trustee Yr1 of 2: Chris Stolp VP2: Donna Kowalski                   Trustee Yr2 of 2: Nathan Albitz Treasurer: Jason Hutchison        Trustee Yr2 of 2: Rick Monteath Secretary: Cindi Moran                 Trustee Yr1 of 1: Andy Nestor JHLA Sect

Matt Jeska

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