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Parking of Trailers and RVs

Hello Neighbors -

We have received some inquiries concerning parking of trailers and RVs in Jayno Heights.

We must follow the Waterford Township Zoning Ordinances.

Our restrictions committee chair person will also try to answer your questions.

Here is an excerpt of Section 3.

SECTION 3-302. REGULATIONS APPLICABLE TO PROPERTIES IN THE R-1 THROUGH R-1E ZONING DISTRICTS The regulations in the subsections below are applicable to properties in the R-1 through R-1E zoning districts: 1. Vehicle Regulations. The purpose of this subsection is to preserve and promote the health, safety and general welfare of citizens, motorists and pedestrians alike within the residential districts of the Township through the regulation of parking and storage of personal, commercial, and recreational vehicles and equipment, such that vehicles do not detract from the appearance and character of the surrounding area, do not negatively affect the value and marketability of surrounding properties, do not cause the overcrowding of land and reduction of open space, do not constitute traffic hazards, do not obstruct access to rights-of-way or nonmotorized pathways, do not present an attractive nuisance for children, do not impede crime prevention and/or hamper the effectiveness and access of emergency personnel, vehicles and equipment, or do not become involved in illegal vehicle sales or result in the storage or collection of junk vehicles in residential districts. A. Vehicle Parking. (1) Parking of personal vehicles, recreational vehicles, utility trailers, and other vehicles not restricted or prohibited under this Section is permitted: (A) on the driveway, provided that vehicles shall be no closer than five (5) feet from any public nonmotorized pathway or no closer than five (5) feet from the street roadway where a public nonmotorized pathway has not been established along such street roadway, and (B) within accessory buildings, such as a garage, or accessory structures constructed in accordance with the Waterford Township Building Code for such vehicle parking. (C) in the side or rear yards, including such yards of contiguous lots improved and maintained for residential use. Vehicles shall not be parked in any other portion of the front yard, or on residential zoning lots without a principal residential building. (2) The following vehicles, equipment, and/or their attached apparatus are expressly prohibited from being parked on rights-of-way and nonmotorized pathways: (A) Commercial equipment, commercial trailers, intensive commercial vehicles, and construction vehicles, except for the necessary and appropriate period of time when such equipment is lawfully parked on or adjacent to a residential property while being used in the performance of a service for that particular residential property. (B) Junked vehicles. (3) No more than two (2) personal commercial vehicles, when utilized on a regular (i.e., daily) basis as a condition of employment in a business that is located off-site or a lawful home occupation at their residential property, may be parked on residential property. Parking of such vehicles shall only be permitted when the vehicles are in good repair, properly licensed and registered, and operated by an occupant of the principal building on the property. Any parking of personal commercial vehicles that are used in conjunction with the

operation of a business on a residential property that is prohibited by this Zoning Ordinance is also prohibited. (4) No person shall elevate, block, or stabilize any vehicle outside of a garage, accessory building, or carport, except a registered vehicle with jack stands on the driveway for a period not to exceed forty-eight (48) hours in order to complete minor repairs to the vehicle. (5) Each single-family residential property having a dwelling unit shall be required to contain sufficient area within a private garage and/or driveway for a minimum of two parking spaces. B. Vehicle Storage. (1) Notwithstanding anything else in this Section to the contrary, the following vehicles, equipment, and any associated attached apparatus are expressly prohibited from being stored anywhere on residential property: (A) Commercial equipment. (B) Commercial trailers. (C) Intensive commercial vehicles. (D) Personal commercial vehicles, with the exception for when such vehicles are in a stored status concurrent with the residential property owners absent from the property due to vacation or personal matters. (E) Construction vehicles. (2) Except as otherwise permitted in this Section, storage of vehicles is prohibited. (3) Storage of personal vehicles and recreational vehicles in accessory buildings, side yards, rear yards, and upon driveways is permitted, subject to all of the following restrictions: (A) The vehicle is operational and in good repair. (B) Restricted to zoning lots upon which a principal residential dwelling is located. For purposes of this subsection, such zoning lots include contiguous lots improved and maintained for residential use. (C) The vehicle must be owned by and licensed to a full-time occupant of the zoning lot upon which the vehicle will be stored. (D) No recreational vehicle shall be used for living or housekeeping purposes for more than thirty (30) days in any one calendar year. (E) Recreational vehicles shall not be connected to electricity, gas, water, or sanitary sewer facilities, except that a temporary electrical connection may be made for the purposes of recharging batteries. (F) No more than five (5) recreational vehicles are allowed to be stored upon a zoning lot outside of an accessory building at any given time, subject to the following limitations: (i) recreational vehicles stored in the rear yard or the side yard shall be located no closer than five (5) feet from any window or door of any residential building, and (ii) no more than two (2) recreational vehicles are allowed to be stored upon a driveway in the front yard at any given time. Such recreational vehicles shall not exceed thirteen (13) feet in height, shall be located between five (5) and ten (10) feet from the principal building or an accessory building, and located no closer than twenty (20) feet from the front lot line. Solely for purposes of this limitation, recreational vehicles used in conjunction with one another such as a boat mounted upon a boat trailer shall be considered as one recreational vehicle provided that all vehicles are in good repair.

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