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Beach Lot Shoreline Erosion

Hello Neighbors

The issue of erosion on the shore of our beach lot was first brought to our attention by the recreational chairman Carl in 2017. The issue was studied in several meetings throughout 2018, and presented at the semi-annual meeting on September 26th, 2018.

The board studied options and quotes from several companies. A special committee was formed to make a decision on the best possible solution that would be affordable, containable and maintenance friendly. The committee presented their findings at the JHLA Board meeting on March 13th, and the board voted to bring the proposal to the semi-annual sub meeting Wednesday, March 27th. This proposal would required a one time special assessment.

Contractor: Advanced Lakefront Services

Area: 135 feet of shoreline from the swim area out to the large tree on the point.

Shoreline Type: Rip-Rap (4 inch to 8 inch cobblestone on top of geotextile fabric at 1:2 slope from shoreline to lake bottom.

DEQ Application: Submission by March 31st for 2019 installation (Late Summer/Fall 2019)

Please attend the semi-annual meeting for more details.

Below are two examples of a rip rap shoreline:

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