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Car Window Broken - Suspected BB Gun Shooting

Hello Neighbors -

On December 29th, the rear window of a car shattered as it was being driven into a residents garage. The Waterford Police Department were called. It is suspected by the Waterford Police that it was shot by a BB or pellet gun.

The incident occurred on St. Jude Drive between Lola and Stephanie Courts.

See the related article from the Waterford Police Department.

Anyone with information is being asked to call the Waterford Police Department.

Thank you,

JHLA Website Admin

Related Article:


January 2, 2018

***** For Immediate Release *****


On Thursday December 27, 2018 Waterford Police made a traffic stop in the area of Highland Road and Airport Road. While continuing to investigate a traffic offense, Officers were standing by as a wrecker was picking up the vehicle involved in the incident.

While seated in their scout car, Officers heard what sounded like a shotgun blast, followed by the sound of falling glass. Those Officers exited their vehicle and immediately went to check on a third Officer who was alone in another vehicle. None of the Officers were injured.

Officers discovered one of the Police vehicles had a broken rear window with a large hole in the middle causing the glass to crack and spread to the edges of the entire window. There also appeared to be a second point of impact in a lower corner of that window.

Believing they had been fired upon, Officers checked the area but were unable to locate any suspects or determine where the shots originated from. The damaged scout car was processed by evidence technicians and a bb was recovered from the rear floorboard of the vehicle.

Although it does not appear a firearm was used, it is clear these Officers were targeted. What sounded like a shotgun blast was most likely the sound of the shattering glass caused by the impact of the bb.

Detectives have spoken to witnesses and are still combing through video from scout cars and businesses in the area. We are taking this incident extremely seriously and will continue to investigate until all leads are exhausted. We are urging anyone involved to turn themselves in. We are also urging anyone with any information to come forward by contacting Detective Zoltowski at 248-618-6126. A $1000.00 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of those responsible.

Scott Underwood

Chief of Police




HOW THE PUBLIC CAN REACH US WITH TIPS Waterford Police Tip Line: (248) 674-COPS (2677) or by e-mail: Crime Stoppers of Michigan offers up to $2,500 REWARD for tips leading to the arrest of criminals. Their Anonymous Tip line is 1-800-SPEAK-UP (800-773-2587).

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