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Advanced Disposal

HELLO NEIGHBORS Great news...we have completed our final meeting this past Thursday regarding the start of the new service contract specific for Jayno Heights Residents which will begin on Oct. 1. I would like to thank all of our residents who have responded to and participated in the development of the proposed Advance service contract.  We could not have completed the negotiations without your help and comments. Specific to Service Contract start, please note that: 1. Current Advance customers will not have to do anything for the new service contract.  Advance Disposal will handle all the paperwork. 2. Current Advance customers who pay annually will have the contract price savings applied by moving the billing date further into the future. 3. Residents identified as wanting to convert to Advance from a different refuse company, will be notified by the Advance Account Executive Julie Nitowski (248 504 2538 office & 248 459 2669 mobile) to establish start dates based upon their current contracts.   As a side note, during discussions with some of our residents, I was told that the competitive refuse contractors in our neighborhood were charging anywhere from $116 to $163 per quarter which is significantly higher than our negotiated contract price of $58.50 per quarter, yr 1 etc. Please reference my earlier emails regarding the details and benefits of the service contract. Thanks again and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Bob Cikalo

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