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Update to Refuse Removal Service Proposals

Hello Jayno Heights Residents

Following the recent roll back in pricing by Advance Disposal, I have reached out to five (5) refuse companies to provide service proposals for our association with the intent of providing a fixed term, cost effect, customer directed service for our residents. Two (2) companies, Advance Disposal and Waste Management, indicated interest in providing a service contract for our association. Two did not respond and one declined due to current single source discussions by Waterford Township.

The intent for these proposals is to minimize costs to our residents, establish fixed term service contract to eliminate arbitrary changes, as well as reduce refuse truck traffic and associated road repair costs. I expect to have the proposals within three (3) weeks for us to review.

I want to again sincerely thank the residents that did provide feedback on this issue. I used your feedback in my discussions with Advance Disposal and Waste Management and in summary were as follows:

1. Eliminate arbitrary Cost increases

2. Provide Seniors discount

3. Provide better annual billing discounts

4. Increase number of allowed refuse/yard waste bags to eliminate associated penalty costs

5. Allow for larger recycle bins for bi weekly pickup and reduced traffic

6. Provide appropriate Pick up season time

7. Provide refuse pickup for annual beach cleanup and party/picnic beach cleanup

8. Maintain Monday pickup day

9. Reduce truck traffic and associated road damage by going to a single source

Thanks again.

Bob Cikalo (

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